UNICCORD opens up a new chapter in music history. Pop and accordion become one on a lively ball night. The band UNICCORD was founded around the exceptional accordionist, MATTHIAS MATZKE, the delightful vocalist, EVITA and the compelling vocalist, JMMIE WILSON. UNICCORD's debut album 'Wings' contains compositions from the band that have real hit potential along with two completely new and fresh cover versions of "Jessica" and "Tanz" from THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND and HISS respectively.

On hearing the album, millions of accordion and harmonica players will discover a completely new way of playing their instruments in an exciting and fresh new way. However, the songs themselves are also so profound that they are certain to climb the charts worldwide. UNICCORD presents innovative melodious new releases that are full of sound and tempered by an accentuated, musical colourfulness. In order to do justice to World Music as a genre and following the successful example of CARLOS SANTANA, the individual pieces were recorded using different vocal performers.

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Virtuoso and gentleman. MATTHIAS MATZKE originally comes from Swabia in Germany. He is a smart-looking guy with excellent manners who always has a smile on his face. If you meet him for the first time, you couldn't be blamed for thinking he could be just as successful on the catwalk. And he certainly belongs to the category of young man who all good mothers would love to have as their son-in-law. Unfortunately for them, MATTHIAS MATZKE is married to his music. This has given rise to a career which is unparalleled in the world of music. MATTHIAS has become 'one in a million'. Brilliant composer, founder of a new style of music on an 'old' instrument, virtuoso, "Paganini" of the keyboard and an "Eric Clapton" on the accordion, who plays each note in a manner incomparable to any other musician.


Vocal miracle and lady. EVITA is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumental talent from Slovenia. She took her first tentative steps in the world of music when she was just 5 years old. During her childhood, she gained experience in classical music and jazz and later continued her training in pop music at the University of East London. To date, her career has offered her various opportunities to play and sing with multiple bands, orchestras and vocal groups, while composing music for herself, other artists and computer games. She continues to challenge herself today by participating in workshops, master classes and numerous music competitions. Her broad musical knowledge and a wealth of fresh ideas make her a name to look out for!


JIMMIE WILSON kommt aus Detroit, Michigan – USA. Als Kind sang JIMMIE im Gospel Choir, wo er sein Talent zum Singen entdeckte. Später studierte er Schauspiel in Hollywood und hatte seine erste große Hauptrolle in dem von MICHAEL JACKSON produzierten Musical „Sisterella“. Anschließend porträtierte er BARACK OBAMA in “Hope! – The Obama Musical”. 2017 nahm JIMMIE WILSON zusammen mit VALENTINA MORETTA am EUROVISION SONG CONTEST für San Marino teil. Das Lied „Spirit Of The Night“ wurde von RALPH SIEGEL produziert. WILSON, der heute in Deutschland lebt, hatte zuvor Auftritte bei SEAL, LIONEL RICHIE, THE WEATHER GIRLS und DJ BOBO. JIMMIE WILSON hat gerade eine 120-Show-Saison bei PALAZZO – Mannheim 2019/20 als gefeierter Star-Gast und Komponist beendet. Das Motto dieser Saison wurde nach seinem Song “So Damn Beautiful” benannt und erhielt begeisterte Kritiken. Mit seiner unverwechselbaren gefühlvollen Stimme inspiriert JIMMIE WILSON immer wieder. Sein Timbre ist einzigartig und macht Lust auf mehr. Seine Energie auf der Bühne ist ansteckend und vermittelt eine Stimmung, die das Publikum fühlen kann. 

Arno Sälzer Michael Germer

ARNO SÄLZER (bass) and MICHAEL GERMER (drums) Together with their guitarist, brass section, backing vocals and another accordionist/harmonica player, they also create an incomparable sound carpet 'live'. They succeed in creating that special force that is needed on large concert stages. You can immediately hear that they come from an R&B, soul and funk background. All can look back on many years of experience in live and studio performance. And they have all played or still play live on stage with SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD, SHEBEEN, THE AMERICAN DIVAS, DOWN LOW and FUNKMACHINE Virtually ignored for decades, the accordion is celebrating a veritable renaissance around the world. Long since has it lost its status as an instrument for just amateur musicians. What's more, technical changes mean that the accordion can effortlessly keep pace with innovations taking place on other instruments.





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